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Round robin notes – Phew!!!

Round robin notes – Phew!!!

As always, our round-robin session was overwhelming!! We have so much going on, so much to share, so much to learn…and so little time to hear and absorb.

We are looking to change the way we handle this session, starting with the Torbay event, in the meantime, here are the bullet points from the round-robin session:

Julia (Shipston)
Confirmed as Associate Head (deserved applause from around the room) Changes have seen new staff and new teachers, some of whom are ‘scared’ of IPads so there is lots of familiarisation work underway Have written the ICT curriculum (copy available here) Using Iris Connect for Lesson Observations. Staff video themselves, they will review after Xmas and will share feedback with LLN School focus is on on T&L and questioning and ICT that then has an impact Lego studio in place, new staff need new training Has attended the recent EXite programme (“very good”)

Elaine Gill and Jill (Shiphay)

ICT network in Torbay is still working for all LA areas, providing CPD for all staff in all schools Shiphay is leading on raising standards in all subjects
Successful programme delivered on technical support looking at new ways of providing support
“Torbay may be at the end of the world… but we now have broadband!!! [cheers]”
Brought in Muraki managed wireless – works brilliantly
National changes and other priorities mean the school is looking to remove the RM network and go fully wireless using Google Drive for children’s work (30Gb) as a result may be dropping or reducing Fronter use
Brought in more diverse and multi-platform kit; TV room almost finished, running a media day before Xmas
iPad mini for teachers and TAs in return for (Apple) R&D – Apple are interested in others [LLN] who may also be interested in being part of the R&D
Sammies (pupil Oscars) was videoed, red carpet approach, films for learning etc “Fabulous”
61 pupils to France, they used Twitter as the medium to connect inform and reassure parents – a success!

Jean (Parkside PRU and Suffolk LA)

Now moved to take influx of new KS3 as well as KS4 kids (32 to 52) Possible inheriting more pupils and (yet) more buildings
Unannounced (15 mins notice) Ofsted visit – all OK 
Still looking at academy status
Computational thinking is a focus
iPad project across schools including R&D
Working with Vodafone looking at how to manage and reduce Sexting

Kate (Clifton)

3 FE school now moving to 4 FE In May they had an Ofsted call – good timing, in middle of building work – school is complicated to manage (11:15 to 13:45 lunch span)
19 new 1:1 iPads good Governor engagement and parental support
Some parents no longer see iPads as the new or relevant tech when newer devices are now available so may consider iPad mini
CLC links (Steve Rowley) supporting staff and with very good staff training
Banks of iPads across the school but in years 5/6 on a 1:1 basis
Got to grips with Apple configurator – do we still need Muraki?
Used Webdove in past (storing of pupil work, may use WebDab)
Moved forward with flipped elarning
Juno in school that also records voice, PC manipulation, reinforces parental and out of school learning, policies and content available to all
PC Worth interested in working with schools
Finding INSET time to get curriculum team to be fully involved and trying to move forward with e-safety, IT buddies (mentioned in Ofsted report)
Competition of e-safety poster, CEOP training; use of Eurasma liked by Ofsted, web site being redesigned
Moving forward with Twitter, not yet using blogs, staff tweet to school account
CPOMS for recording and reporting safeguarding, behaviour etc
New build underway, ensuring ICT provision will be as good as they can make it and ow have a new IT lead (tech)

Lawrence (Westfields Junior)

420 pupil Junior School
Refurbishment nearly finished
Fantastic to see how different environment transforms the approaches to learning
Made links with other LLN colleagues
Pod/Podium based approach and new desks with tech built in
Move to iPad mini has gone down really well price difference for same functionality
Helping Apple change their approach to how the present that technology changes learning
Apps for Good going well (Android) school of year for 2013
Ninja school!
Working with Iris and new kit, positive stance not negative Performance Management

Sharon (Lea Forest)

New to LLN
Different point of the journey, just beginning
ICT stood still… ICT suite – people stopped using it
So has jumped in. Ripped out ICT suite. Technician is now in effect full time
Class iPads went live today (7/11/13), giving it a go, see how others use them
Implementing TV studio and making TV programmes linked to websites “Lea Forest on demand”
Moving to global access for pupil work
Great work with Topcliffe – Ben, Yr 5 challenging group of boys and iPads using a control group to assess impact of the pilot
Embraced social media, active twitter feed and retweets by parents (positive)
Face book for parents, very positive

Saadia (New HT at Anson)

New management team of Nusrat and Simon Establishing themselves as a new team in particular as all internal appointments
Great start to term, 2 x inspiring CPD days (ADE)
Made sure staff new of approach, working together, direction for the school, progressing well and has “cemented the new team”
Taking time to revisit what they already have (ICT) and how well they do and can use existing provision
New lead for ICT being recruited
Revising curriculum, changing leadership roles
Shared Learning opportunities and observations as a result of LLN
Learning group #1 has already gone round the school, 5 topics
In the last year, it has been the most difficult. Ofsted vist was imminent but letter instead, bolstering work and undertaking internal light touch support reviews, open discussions about teacher talk, balance of teacher and interactions raise fantastic CPD and professional discussions

Simon Pile (Anson)

Stay safe online Anson – video “Dumb way to die” “Stay safe online” Video central LGfL / You Tube
Film Nation Education Advisory Board – £26m over 5 years, to bring film into education the back catalogue of films
Anson web lab – real success, recreated from google web lab
Science Museum added to their portfolio – sponsorship found to sponsor the Web Lab for Anson to manage – Shell
Simon then provided an amazing 5 minute slot of his Cork experience (ADE) – you can download the files here.

Ben and Ian (Topcliffe)

New resource base [Topcliffe Centre ]
Working with Osborne technology reference – I-table/pod
Dealing with technical issues and broadband challenges, server set up at Topcliffe now bridges to Centre too so transparent to staff
Ben is now SLE and working with challenging Yr 5 – Vlogging then Blogging, Storyboarding
38 new iPads incl storage cases, 6 in each class room
Developing You Tube channel as resource bank
Trialling Promethean interactive table (Ctouch? iCore?)
Will be in Denmark next week [friendly jeers]

Anne and Jess (Ernehale)

Everyone who visited on the previous day commented on the great leadership, teaching and approach. The feedback (see note of visit) was shared with the other group who were equally enthralled. Jess has provided access to Ernehale News and Digital Media Awareness MTP.zip

Paul Stevens (Minster)

Enjoyed hosting visit the previous day, to supplement the notes from the visit, Paul added: MasterClass lessons “modelling outstanding lessons” GCSE and A computing
Looking at John Hattie (Digital learning) Nov 2014, IMAPCT and INNOVATION and INTERACTIVE Vs INSTRUCTIONAL
Looking at self-recording grading
Starting out on TED ED and open ROJO (like iSpring)

Peter Banks (Broadgreen International)

Operating 8:25 to 14:10 school day Sytictural changes including a conservatory and Bistro and a Drama studio attached to canteen – expanding canteen into the drama area and adding Costa Coffee and Del Marche…
Click view – still using but do they need to?
Online reporting restarting
Pleasingly seeing an increased interest and focus in technology after a period of non-attention

Viv and Emma (Gorse Hill)

…gave us a wonderful insight into their school and approach. You will shortly be able to access the presentation here. Remember we visit Gorse Hill in July 2014…