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Our visit to Ernehale Junior School

Our visit to Ernehale Junior School

We had a fantastic welcome at Ernehale Junior School as part of our autumn term meeting in Nottingham.

We began our visit with a guided tour of the school from a group of year 6 pupils, who were very welcoming and spoke eloquently about the school and its use of ICT.

Some highlights from our learning walk round the school included:

  • Year 6 doing website hacking and HTML coding
  • Pupils researching “Where the internet lives”
  • Y4 doing music lessons using video cameras for self evaluation
  • Enabling tables – pupils picking up videos etc from a class Dropbox and being able to review previous topics at their own pace
  • Some resources we saw in use:
  • 60 Nexus 7 tablets available across the school
  • The Hackbook hackasaurus (used for coding and understanding of HTML)
  • Mathletics was widely used
  • New wifi infrastructure in place which focuses bandwidth where needed
  • Impero network management software which provides control of workstations across the school

During our learning walk, and in the subsequent discussion we covered a range of issues, here are a few snippets:

As part of the school’s CPD activity they are using video recording of lessons specifically to evaluate the impact of those lessons on children.

As with all our visits, we talked a lot about impact.  Predominantly this was around increasing engagement, but specifically the way that leads to excellence. Children need rounded skills because the jobs they will have don’t exist yet. There was a shared concern around the challenge about what happens in terms of ICT at secondary school, though it was acknowledged that there are bigger issues than that in terms of transition.

We spoke about how esafety is covered in school, including talking to our guides, who had an excellent understanding of esafety issues and were able to explain very clearly what they would do if they were considered about esafety while online. The schools is about to do the 360 safe final assessment.

The school had recently undertaken a survey of technology availability at home, and found that pupils generally use tablets or handheld devices at home, while parents tend to use desktop or laptop computers. There was a clear view that parents want communication via e-mail now, though welcome the fact that text messaging is used for emergencies.

There is widespread use of a home learning journal – open ended. Children pick what they want, each subject has a number of points and aim is to achieve certain score each term. Focus is now on reading. For example, children have to read a newspaper article, tell a parent about it, and then the parent has to write up what they were told.  In support of this and broader curriculum and learning gains, they have a news and media section into the PSHE curriculum.  Jess has kindly provided access to Ernehale News and Digital Media Awareness click here to download the .zip file.

Staff use Google Apps for e-mail and their in-school expertise is supported by a technician for half a day per week.

Thanks to Anne, Jess, the whole Ernehale Junior School team and our pupil hosts for a really enjoyable, stimulating and interesting visit.