Leading Leaders Network

Please note that the Leading Leaders Network operated from 2010 to 2018 through the support of IET Associates Limited.  The network is no longer in operation, but this site is left in place as a record of the activities of the group during that period.

The Leading Leaders Network is a vibrant professional network of school leaders who excel in the leadership, management and use of technology in learning committed to self and peer professional development.

The Leading Leaders Network offers a unique combination of:

  • leadership development,
  • news and updates on emerging approaches to learning and technology
  • exclusive access to leading figures with opportunities to influence thinking, access support and advice
  • a trusted source of peer to peer support

The Leading Leaders Network plays an important role in guiding the changing educational context and providing excellent peer-based professional development.

When and how does does the Leading Leaders Network meet?

Supported by IET Associates Ltd, the Leading Leaders Networks meets termly for supported school visits, to meet and hear and share news and developments and focus on the critical and effective use of technology to support learners. Members are also able to take part in new developments, join consultative groups and think-tanks and hear about key meetings and events. As well as face-to-face events, members are kept up to date on news and ideas through the support of IET Associates Ltd.

What does the Leading Leaders Network offer?

Members gain from new experiences through supported visits to schools and other locations to extend their understanding of good practice; the chance to have a focussed dialogue and see ICT development in another context. The Leading Leaders Network is focused on supporting the excellent deployment, management and use of technology in schools.

As a peer network, we provide collaboration and contacts with other schools, the opportunity to share good practice, see what works (and what doesn’t), to share ideas as well as new technologies and see best practice in action. Acting as a catalyst for new ideas and new approaches that inform CPD and impact on Teaching and Learning, the Leading Leaders Network provides a solution to what our members see as otherwise decreasing circles of knowledge and support.

Members are given unique opportunities to collaborate in national developments, have sign-posts for the future and have specialist input to understand trends and emerging opportunities. National organisations seek out the Leading Leaders Network to understand best practice, ensure advice and guidance is targeted and informed and to act as an expert sounding-board.

What do members of Leading Leaders Network say?

The visits to different schools are always a joy, particularly being able to view from the outside how well ICT can support learning and how independent it can allow children to be.

Leading Leaders Network members tell us that they are particularly proud of their growing collections of “Nuggets of good practice” and “Gems in the pockets”, particularly valuing hearing about new ideas, having access to leading edge practice and high quality practitioners and feeling valued and part of the bigger picture. The peer-to-peer nature of the network provides motivation and a drive with impetus of the group.

There is so much happening in the schools around the table that it left me speechless. This time last year when we first heard about the Network and rather reluctantly agreed to host a session, I couldn’t have imagined what a great group of inspirational people we were being invited to join.

Does it make a difference?

Members say that the network ensures they are ahead of the game and supporting their learners and staff. They develop a national perspective and particularly enjoy the focus on whole school improvements. Topic and theme areas where members say the network has had impact in their schools include increased parental engagement; spreading ICT across the curriculum; online reporting project impacting on standards of achievement / ethos; e-safety; web 2 engagement; working with secondary schools and improving improved transition. One suggests the Leading Leaders Network provides “Vision Vision Vision” while others value the opportunity to collaborate with other schools across the country.

All schools interested in making the best use of technology to improve outcomes for their pupils, and who wish to provide development opportunities for senior and middle leaders and teachers are welcome to attend our events.  For further information please explore this site or contact IET Associates.